Security Operations Center in the Cloud

Free your local security personnel from managing camera infrastructure to focus on location management with Camera, Security and Event Management facilitated in the cloud:

  • Monitoring of all cameras including escalation to camera maintenance organisation to rectify the fault in the event of a problem
  • Extraction of evidence footage from onsite recording server when required
  • Contact of Branch Manager in the event of an issue
  • Responding to events raised within Video Management System Alarm Manager
  • Update of Firmware on cameras as required
  • Image keyframes for each camera sent to Cloud for backup
  • Leverages your investment in Camera hardware and Video Management System

System Benefits

  • Security personnel freed from managing camera infrastructure to focus on branch management
  • Ability to add a wide range of additional features including
    • People Counting,
    • Facial Recognition,
    • Weapons Recognition,
    • Aggression Recognition (audio),
    • Speaker Recognition,
    • VIP Recognition &
    • Demographic Recognition.
  • Security alarm management can be incorporated for a complete turnkey solution.

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