Safe Haven

Every person deserves the right to be able to pursue their career, education or recreation without fear.

Safe Haven makes any public facility safer with an AI driven threat detection and early warning system.

Safe Haven can be deployed at:

  • Universities, colleges and schoolsjilbert-ebrahimi-391579-unsplash
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Shopping Centres and malls
  • Parks, campuses and entertainment precincts
  • Office Buildings
  • Worksites
  • Churches
  • Licensed premises
  • Sporting venues

By nature high traffic public spaces, buildings or campuses are vast and diverse. History shows it is impossible for humans to monitor even relatively small sites effectively.

Safe Haven monitors a facility of any size simply by plugging directly into existing Security Monitoring Infrastructure. Safe Haven analyses all data captured in real time. When a threat or hazard is detected, alerts are triggered instantly. Alerts are accompanied by comprehensive and ongoing analysis matched to, the threat, your requirements and the requirements of first responders. The source of the threat is digitally tagged and traced allowing prompt, precise and appropriate action to be taken.

There is so much data captured by security systems it is impossible for humans to process in real time. In an emergency seconds count and the response to many emergencies is formulated with unreliable information and surrounded by panic.  Safe Haven can pre-empt emergencies but also provide first responders with timely, concise, objective and comprehensive information allowing a rapid, precise response.

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