Gate Keeper


AI powered Facial Recognition system in a box for $6988 RRP Ex GST

  • Recognise VIPs and Barred Patrons instantly
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Use existing video surveillance cameras
  • Change managing “The List” from a chore to an asset

How it works

Automatic Alerts as VIPs or Barred Patrons enter your Licensed Premises.

Turn your existing video surveillance cameras into an Artificial Intelligence powered Facial Recognition system.

Managing “The List” is a logistical and administrative nightmare for licensed premises proprietors.

Gate Keeper

  • recognise VIPs and Barred patrons immediately
  • protect your patrons, staff, premises and your licence
  • immediate and discrete alerts to designated staff members
  • processes video from any standard IP/USB camera, video file or Video Management System.

Gatekeeper layout


Description Face Recognition System for 4 surveillance video streams
Standards H.264 Std & HP, RTSP, MJPEG, AVI, FAT32, 1000M Eth, HTTP, FTP, Bonjour
Power Requirement 12V DC 7 Amp
Dimensions 19.7 – L  X 19.7 – W   X 5.0 cm – H
Operating Temperature 0ºC – 85ºC with built-in ventilation
Device Weight 1700g (including power adaptor)
Warranty 1-year limited warranty
Certification CE,FCC


  • Processes four video streams over IP network – Ethernet or Wifi
  • Support up to frame size 1920×1080 pixel with precise resolution auto-detection
  • Built-in ONVIF camera discovery tool
  • Optional : face/object image output to USB thumb drive
  • Near real-time face detection algorithm using field trained deep learning technology – Deep Neural Network
  • 20º yaw/pitch/roll pose variation
  • Face detection miss rate*< 0.01%
  • Detect up to 12 faces and objects with size range from 72 to 1200 pixels in 1080p frame
  • Built-in face tracking and face sample selection: each person appearance will be tracked and assigned with Tracker ID: a unique ID sticky throughout the life cycle of the given face. No. of images to be exported can be configurable based on sharpness/face size/sample parameters
  • Web Administration with password authentication
  • NTP support for time synchronisation to ensure precise (up to micro-second level) timestamp with all captured images