There are two gaping holes in Security Camera Networks



If you depend on these to monitor your premises critical incidents are going unnoticed.

Your investment in Network Security Cameras says you care about security and safety but that investment can deliver much better value. Your security cameras can be bolstered with automatic recognition, analysis and prioritisation to help you proactively prevent incidents instead of just recording them?

Sense Artificial Intelligence for Video Security and Safety.

Sense AI detects real-world events, then automatically converts them to digital alerts with analysis and prioritisation in real-time.

Sense AI plugs directly into your Video Management System and monitors every moment in real-time. Sense AI uses a range of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Deep Learning(DL) techniques to recognise an ever-growing number of characteristics including the list in the sidebar.

Sense AI can also learn to recognise events that are unique to your organisation.

Sense AI recognises real-world incidents and creates digital events with a range of attributes and alerts for your attention. A recognised incident could be as critical as detecting someone carrying a weapon or collapsing or as mundane as a worker using an incorrect technique or forgetting a step in a safety procedure.

An emergency usually creates a cascade of incidents and the Sense AI dynamic feed of events is invaluable for first responders as they scramble to define and track the source, scale and scope of the emergency.

In day to day operations Sense AI helps with Workplace Safety by objectively monitoring procedure and safety compliance and raising early warnings of dangerous situations.

Without Sense AI the critical information and valuable insight captured by Security Cameras usually sits unprocessed and unutilised until well after an accident/injury/emergency when investigators back track as they try to piece together the events of what happened. Sense AI provides that invaluable insight in real time allowing emergencies to be prevented or minimised.


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